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THE FINCA - "Cas Hereu"


You will live in this lovely and newly restored property throughout your stay, and it will serve as a base for most activities.  Cas Hereu by itself sets the framework for a special experience, and it offers modern luxury in historic and magnificent surroundings.  It is famous for the most spectacular sunsets overlooking the bay of Porto soller.  The whole estate property is exclusively for our use throughout program .


  • 6 Well appointed double rooms w/ ensuite baths

  • Spectacular surroundings

  • Outdoor pool area

  • Daily morning & evening yoga 

  • In-house massage

  • Daily varied classes with fitness instructors

  • Cryo baths

  • 3 Vegan / Organic meals per day


We are located in some of the most beautiful and mountaineous surroundings in the western part of Mallorca.


We will complete 6 different hikes, all spectacular in its own way!  Some straight from the Finca, some a short bus ride away. 


All hikes vary in intensity and lenght, but all will give you a great feeling of mastering nature, and you will experience some of the most breathtaking scenery Mallorca has to offer. 


All tours are planned  by professional guides who accompany us at all times.  The hikes vary between 4-6 hours, and contain a fair amount of elevation.  This ensures that the body's metabolism gets started and continues throughout the week. 


Combined with healthy meals and varied training in the afternoon, your body will start to go through a desire transformation.  There is no doubt that this feels good for both body and soul!


Don't worry!  We will take good care of you!

All guests manage to complete the program.  At check-in, you and our staff go through your individual goals for the stay, and customize your wishes and special needs as far as possible. 

The hikes, the yoga, the exercise, the daily massages, the food....all will contribute to make the most out of your stay, and your path to rejuvenation starts here.

Most guests can also expect to achieve weight loss if this is a desired objective.  But regardless of your reasons for joining us, you will leave feeling great!

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