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The best week ever!


"Had an amazing time with this team.  I came back feeling great!  I felt lighter, looked healthier, and after completing the program I have never been in a better shape! The hikes are truly fantastic and the scenery is beautifull.  Im not a seasoned yogi, but the yoga classes are nice and tailored to fit everybody.  The daily massages are the highlight of the day!"

/ Fredrik

Perfect detox time!!


"After a stressfull period, I arrived at Pura Vida with high shoulders and a tense back. A week later, after fantastic hikes, exceptional food, daily yoga and one hour massage every day, I am now 5 kg lighter and have no desire for sugar anymore!  Very friendly and proffesional staff, and attention was given to the smallest detail.  

Definitely returning next year."

/ Kim

Absolutely great!


"Could not have been a better camp...and the plant based food was absolutely fantastic!"

/ Anette

Super Camp!


"Fantastic people, very nice hikes and training.  Very cool and very proffesional program. Coming back for sure!"

/ Inger K

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