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Pura Vida Mallorca is a 7 day/6 night program focusing on healthy living, hiking, yoga, exercising, gourmet organic nutrition and rejuvenation.  We have partnered with some of the best instructors, guides, massage therapists, nutritionists and chefs, and created a program that will really make a difference for you and your health.  The program is challenging, but a wonderful transforming experience that will leave you energized, revived and feeling great!

We are located in the stunning and beautifully restored "Finca Cas Hereu", in some of the most beautiful mountainous surroundings on the island of Mallorca. We will be hiking varied and challenging trips every day.  You will be surrounded by breathtaking scenery, reach spectacular mountain peaks, exercise, tone, stretch and tighten-up.  You will eat healthy, tasty and nutritious, get plenty of massage, drink lots of water..... and sleep well!  Invest in yourself for a week, and feel the benefits for life!

The program dates for 2024 are now available for reservations. Space is limited, and the programs fill up quickly, so make sure to reserve your week now.

This may be the kick-start that you need?

A Typical day at "Pura Vida"
  • Morning stretch Yoga

  • Healthy breakfast

  • Beautiful mountain hikes with varying intensity and length (4-6hrs)

  • Lunch at the Cas Hereu or picnic in the mountains

  • Optional fitness classes, breathing techniques and cryo therapy. 

  • 1 hour Massage every day (5 days)

  •  Afternoon restorative Yoga

  • Dinner-organic, healthy & good

  • A good nights sleep!


Food and Menus

At the Pura Vida we pride ourselves in giving you an unforgettable experience...also when it comes to our food!


Our menus are predominantly plantbased, and we use only best organic ingredients from local farms.  We serve 3 healthy and nutritious meals pr day, and all have a gourmet twist that wil make your tastebuds very happy!  In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner, we serve healthy & light snacks during the course of our activities. We can work around most food allergies, so you can safely joins us even if you must adhere to strict dietary regimes.  As long as we are informed of any restrictions beforehand, we will do our best to accommodate all your special needs.


Our great tasting menus are prepared by our own "Chef Jeff" to provide you with healthy nutrients, as well as to optimize your caloric intake.  Our kitchen staff are all dedicated "plant fans", but you will be pleasantly surprised how delicious and special our meals are!  


Many of our guests desire to shed some unwanted pounds during the course of the program, but we offer alternatives to those who do not have this goal.  We serve unlimited organic teas throughout your stay, and off course water in abundance!  There is no alcohol or smoking during the program.  We urge all our guests to drink lots of water before and during their stay, as this is the best way to start the detox process and leave you feeling great! 



The program at the finca estate of "Cas Hereu" extends over 7 days and 6 nights.  We can accommodate maximum 12 guests at a time, based on double occupancy.  Some single rooms may be available at an extra charge and availability.  All rooms are modern and tastefully decorated, and the Finca has many lovely indoor and outdoor areas for both relaxation and training. There is a nice pool area where you can sunbathe and relax between sessions. 


The weather on the island of Mallorca during our programs is normally very pleasant, with day temperatures between 17-25 celsius (65-77 Fahrenheit) and 65% chance of sunshine. This is perfect for our hikes and outdoor activities.  But, as the weather is unpredictable, rainy days should be planned for.  In the unlikely event of severe weather, we have alternative back-up hikes and activities. 


All hikes are planned by professional guides that accompany us at all times. The hikes vary between 4-6 hours, and contain a fair amount of elevation. Some hiking experience is an advantage.  But don´t let that scare you as you walk at your own personal pace! You will keep moving, and the body's metabolism gets started and continues throughout the week. Combined with a healthy diet and varied training, your body will start to go through a healthy transformation after just a few days.  


Your journey to a healthy you is about to begin!  

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Camp Dates Fall 2024

Week 1: October 14-20 (mon-sun)

Week 2: October 21-27 (mon-sun)


Check-in  between 11-13, and check-out by 10:00 on last day. 


Finca Cas Hereu is located close to Port Sollér, about 30 minutes from the airport in Palma.  For those of you who wish to spend a few days in Mallorca before or after the camp, there are many excelent hotels in the vicinity. 


The cost for your 7 day program is € 7.200/person, € 14.400/room, based on double occupancy.  All-inclusive except flights and transportation to/from the Finca Cas Hereu.  We offer 5 rooms for  singles, couples or good friends (double beds), and 1 room for sharing (2 single beds).  Single occupancy (2 rooms only) available for €9.000. 

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For more information, please contact us at:

phone: +47-900-33-984 / +34-650-94-2362  (GMT+1)

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